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Thurlby Fen Slipe: Slipe is the land at the foot of a river bank. The pools have a rich flora, which includes scarce marsh and aquatic plants such as greater tussock-sedge, greater spearwort, water-violet and fen pondweed. Purple-loosestrife, marsh pennywort, marsh-marigold and common spotted-orchid are also among the 210 species of flowering plants that have so far been recorded on the site. Birds are numerous and varied: 109 species have been recorded, of which 40 have bred. The reserve is noted for its dragonflies with 15 species regularly recorded, 14 of which are known to have bred. Twenty-three species of butterfly have been recorded, most favouring the west end of the reserve.

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Situated on the north side of the River Glen opposite the Trust's Baston Fen nature reserve, Thurlby Fen Slipe is reached from the A15 by turning east at Thurlby crossroads. Passing Thurlby church on the right, follow the lane for 1.5 km (0.9 miles) and then turn right along Baston Edge Drove green lane to the reserve entrance


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