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Velvet Bottom: Old lead mine, used from Roman up to Victorian times, with buddle pits (circular washing pits to separate lead ore) now a nature reserve located at the top of Cheddar Gorge. Just over a mile long and covering 43 acres, designated for limestone grassland, ravine woodland and both greater and lesser horseshoe bats.

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Mendip Hills, Somerset, Wessex, South West England, England, Great Britain, UK, Europe
Long Wood, Black Rock, Cheddar Complex, Ubley Warren


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Ubley Warren

Like Velvet Bottom, Lead was mined at Ubley Warren though the effects on the land are more profound. With deep bell-pits and hidden mine shafts it is recommend to keep to footpaths. Known locally as gruffy ground.


Ubley Warren
Hilliest part of Ubley Warren


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From Cheddar Gorge continue up through the gorge until you reach the top (B3135) and take the first turning on the left (B3371). Continue for around a mile (1.6 km) until again take your first left. Follow the road for around 1 mile (1.6km) and you will pass the pedestrian entrance to Velvet Bottom on your left and Ubley Warren on your right. There is a few on road parking around, though if full, continue for another hundred yards (100 meters), turn right and after 300 yards (300 meters) to an off road parking area for around ten cars.


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Access is restricted to visitors on foot and dogs under close control. No riding, cycling, camping, fires, organised games or other unspecified recreational activities


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