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West Kennet Long Barrow Avebury: One of the largest, most impressive and most accessible Neolithic chambered tombs in Britain. Built in around 3400 BC, and used by a whole community for at least a thousand years. Part of the Avebury World Heritage Site.

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Wiltshire, Wessex, South West England, England, Great Britain, UK, Europe
West Kennet Long Barrow, West Kennet Avenue


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World Heritage Site

The landscape around Avebury contains some of the most important surviving prehistoric archaeological monuments in the British Isles. Since its inscription on the World Heritage List, jointly with Stonehenge, in 1986, the principal prehistoric sites within this landscape have been universally acknowledged as of international cultural significance.Within the 23 square kilometres of the WHS the monuments are of exceptional size and interest, including remains of the largest stone circle in the British Isles, the longest stone avenue (West Kennet), one of the longest Neolithic burial mounds (West Kennet long barrow) , one of the largest causewayed enclosures (Windmill Hill), and the largest prehistoric mound in Europe (Silbury Hill).


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Address: West Kennet Long Barrow (Avebury), Wiltshire, UK
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