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Wymondham Abbey is a building with a great capacity to surprise. First you see the two massive towers of the church, the one ruined and the other unfinished, and then, as you draw nearer, you become aware of the fact that they are completely dissimilar, and set one at each end of the building. Next, if approaching the church from the town of Wymondham, you see the ruins and foundations at the east end, and you realise that what remains standing and in use today is only half of the great Abbey Church which once dominated the South Norfolk countryside. Only, in fact the Nave of the monastic church, together with its aisles and west and central towers. Hardly anything remains above ground of the once-splendid monastic Quire which lay beyond the tall arch of the, now-ruined, central tower.

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Address: Wymondham Abbey, Church Street, Wymondham, Norfolk, NR18 0PH, UK
Phone: +44 1953 607062

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