Best Haunted Castles of England

Best Haunted Castles of England

As a focus point for many of history’s great fights, foul-play and mysterious fatalities, it’s of little wonder that over the generations many fables and folklore have grown around ghosts creeping gatehouses, spooks sulking in stone strongholds or poltergeists protecting portcullises. With their dark dungeons, claustrophobic corridors and shadowy spiral staircases, a good legend always adds to the adventure.

Tower of London

For over nine hundred years this medieval fortress has been the ultimate seat of royal power, where the high profile enemies of England where imprisoned, tortured or executed. The innermost White Tower is rumoured to be stalked by the ghost of Anne Boleyn, second wife to Henry VIII, where since her beheading she is reduced to holding her head under her arm. Within the Inner Ward, Martin Tower has a large ghostly bear, which according to legend scared an inattentive beefeater to death. (more...)

Leeds Castle

Deep within Kent in south east England, this Norman stronghold houses a phantom black dog, allegedly owned by an aunt of Henry VI tried for treason, heresy and witchcraft. This curly-haired retriever has a reputation as an omen of destruction, disaster or even death to those that witness his brief appearances before passing through solid walls or closed doors. On a beguiling note, today the castle boasts the world’s only museum of dog collars... walkies. (more...)

Tintagel Castle

Located on Cornwall’s most dramatic northern coastline, Tintagel Castle is the reputed birth place of one of Britain’s most legendary Celtic leader; King Arthur. Situated adjacent is the rumoured cavern and living quarters of the most famous wizard and advisor to the King of the Britons, Merlin. According to legend, after being bewitched and imprisoned by the Lady of the Lake, Merlin now haunts his ancient cave, casting spells on all who enter his abode. (more...)

Scarborough Castle

Perched on a prominent rocky outcrop overlooking the North Sea, this former medieval royal fortress has been a military site for at least two thousand years. Amid antiquity, the site was used as a signal station which is now guarded by the ghost of a Roman soldier. During the fourteenth century the purported lover of Edward II, Piers Gaveston, was besieged and killed by rebels lords and now his soul enacts revenge by guarding the ramparts encouraging modern day visitors to jump from the battlements. (more...)

Warwick Castle

As Chancellor of the Exchequer to King James I, Fulke Greville was granted Warwick Castle in the heart of England, which he substantially improved during the early seventeenth century. Intriguingly his murder was due to his last will and testament, which was read prematurely by one of his servants, who then took great offense and inflicted a fatal knife wound upon the Chancellor. Legend has it, that after his lingering slow death his ghost haunts the Watergate Tower, now renamed ‘The Ghost Tower’ and includes live interactive shows retelling the grisly homicide. (more...)

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