Best Haunted Castles of Scotland

Best Haunted Castles of Scotland

As a country with a turbulent past, Scotland's castles have seen the brunt of many a siege, rebellion and foreign invasion; whether English, Viking or even Spanish. This has left behind a legion of legends which lavishly adds to the sense of history.

Edinburgh Castle

Dominating the skyline, this royal fortress perched upon a volcanic outcrop has been the focus of much of Scotland’s turbulent past, from the Wars of Scottish Independence to the Jacobite Rising. With a history of besiegement, the surrounding Royal Mile is connected via a network of secret underground tunnels all the way to Hollyrood Palace, which tradition states is patrolled by a lost Lone Piper, loudly playing his pipes. The castle itself is home to a headless drummer boy, which according to lore, only appears prior to an attack. (more...)

Hermitage Castle

With all the components of a great horror story, Hermitage Castle located within the 'bloodiest valley in Britain', in 1320 was ruled by William de Soulis, who according to rumour was a master of black arts, and commanded a local goblin to capture children, who he then tortured and imprisoned for his own gratification. Eventually the parents caught up with the lord and after wrapping him in lead, boiled him alive at Nine Stane Rigg; a nearby stone circle.
To this day, his adolescent victims are heard to be crying out loud, to remind all of de Soulis horrendous crimes. (more...)

Fyvie Castle

On the banks of the River Ythan stands the royal castle of William I of Scotland, built around 1211, though it’s most famous legend surrounds Lady Meldrum who died late thirteenth century, and according to her wishes was buried within the walls of a secret room deep within the Meldrum Tower. During renovations in 1920, workmen discovered her remains and removed her to a nearby cemetery. From that moment her ghost apparently started haunting the tower with strange noises and unexplained events. Fearing he had unleashed a curse, the laird of the castle, quickly returned the skeleton to the bedroom wall, and ever since the haunting have ceased. (more...)

Stirling Castle

Magnificent fortress strategically located landward end of the Firth of Forth, effectively controlling movement between the Lowlands to the south and the Highlands in the north. It’s most pernicious haunting surrounds the Green Lady, an attendant to Mary, Queen of Scot, who saved her sleeping mistress from a fire engulfing her four poster bed. Today the castle, while open to the public, is still in use by the military for functions, and many cooks and cleaners claim to have been watched intensely by the Green Lady while performing their duties. Her presence apparently is an omen of bad events, foretelling fires and other disasters. (more...)

Eilean Donan Castle

Located on a small island within Loch Duich, this thirteenth century castle was used as a Spanish base to ferment another Jacobite rebellion in 1719. Ultimately failing after the Royal Navy sent three frigates to the island and destroyed the castle. Legend now tells of a lone Spanish Soldier who's ghost now haunts the restored picturesque castle. (more...)

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