Best Haunted Castles of Wales

Best Haunted Castles of Wales

From powerful Marcher Lords in the east, to vast Norman landowners in the south, smattering of English Kings in the north and finally a sprinkle of Welsh princes all over has left Wales with a great legacy of iconic, impressive and incredibly bold castles. With castles come cruelty, corruption and conflict - which in turn leads to legends and lore, and in the land of dragons, they know a thing or two about that.

Caerphilly Castle

The largest castle in Wales, complete with moat and leaning tower, is home to a Green Lady who runs around the battlements looking for her Welsh lover who was, according to legend tortured and killed by her jealous English husband. (more...)

Beaumaris Castle

One of four great Edward I fortresses built late thirteenth century, that now has world heritage status. Originally planned to quell Welsh dissidents, the money ran out and so the inner wall and gatehouse are only partially completed. While never used as a military building, many modern visitors claim to hear chanting or wailing especially around the chapel. (more...)

Powis Castle

Medieval Welsh castle, fortress and grand country mansion originally constructed by the last hereditary Welsh prince of Powis, Owain ap Gruffydd ap Gwenwynwyn, who subsequently renounced his royal title. Used extensively throughout its 750 years history and was considered by mid 1750s to be the most august place in the whole kingdom. Modern visitors may encounter the lady in a black dress who either sits in a chair beside the fireplace or stands near the entrance to the Dukes Room. (more...)

Caernarfon Castle

At the time of its construction in 1283, it was considered the most complicated fortress in the British Isles, with walls modelled on those found at Constantinople. Rumour maintains that you can still catch the souls of English soldiers guarding the battlements, though more intriguing are stories of a blue fuzzy lady that flies around the castle breaking exposed electrical equipment. (more...)

Oystermouth Castle

Legend tells of the castle being used as a prison around the mid fourteenth century, which suggests the story behind contemporary sightings in or around the grounds of a lady dressed in white, crying with the clothes on her back all torn clearly visible with whipping marks, some stories go as far to suggest that blood can still be seen from the lashes. (more...)

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