Best Quirky Places of Britain

Best Quirky Places of Britain

So your an international rock star, you’re bored of the world tour, the groupies and endless parties, you’ve been there and done that and other people have bought your t-shirts. You demand your management team to entertain you in more bizarre and weird ways, and eventually they snap while your gigging in Britain and copy and paste you the following:-

Gnome Reserve

I know we all lay awake at night wondering where all the garden gnomes go to after they retire, well panic no more, get out your red pointy hat and head for deepest darkest Devon. Watch as their tiny terracotta faces relight with delight as they frolic and fish, grow beards and smoke pipes. (more...)

London Duck Tours

Have you ever suffered from the affliction of finding yourself sightseeing in central London and then being overcome with a sudden urge to jump into the River Thames, but find you've lost the will to walk? Well, why not combine your love of water with your general laziness by re-living the D-Day storming of Normandy. Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it's a bright yellow Second World War amphibious truck. Golden beaches and return fire not included. (more...)

Camera Obscura

Has your latest attempt to turn yourself into a giant mutant rampaging monster using radioactive green ooze failed again, well take a few moments out of your quest and visit the Camera Obscura on Castlehill in Edinburgh. Using the ingenuity of original Victorian technology, cunningly located periscope, you can unleash your inner beast and using your bare hands pulverize pedestrians as they innocently travel around the streets of this Scottish capital. Say no to traffic jams, with a single swoosh of your fingers, laughing maniacally is a must – though we do suggest you stop howling by the time of your court appearances. (more...)

Hairy Bob's Cave

With prices ever increasing on residential housing and razorblades it’s only a matter of time before we all replicate Robert and carve our own hermit hovels in hillsides around Scarborough, Yorkshire. (more...)

Edward Prynn's Collection of Standing Stones

We have all looked out our bedroom window and wished that our back garden contained a life sized replica of Stonehenge, for many we are put off with the knowledge that it might attract stray druids around sunrise, but not Edward Prynns. For he had that daydream, coupled with a flatbed truck, that compelled him in 1982 to plant megalithic ten tonne stones in his lawn near Padstow, Cornwall. (more...)

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